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HTML Editor (experiment)

This is an experiment using an online HTML text editor.  This particular application was made by TinyMCE.  The simplicity of use is quite impressive.  You only need to post content, edit text, and post images.   Then select the “source” button [HTML on some editors].

Copy the HTML code from your online editor, then paste it into your WordPress post editor.  Be sure to toggle from the “visual” tab to the “text” tab before you paste the content into your WordPress text editor.

The advantage of using this particular online editor is having a broader font selection and more size options.


Kickin’ the Dawg

Kickin’ The Dawg


An open letter to Stumble Upon

I will NOT make any further posts to SU after the blog application is ended. There will be no joy in it.

You don’t seem to understand that the blog aspect is what excited so many creative users about SU.

SU has been the web’s best tool for social networking. We have many long term connections around the world. The root of these connections comes from our access to the many ways SU users present themselves. This helps us get a sense of a person we may take an interest in socially. I know people who have gotten together with folks they met on SU. This personal connection is what excites us about the postings we make. You are going from being visually vigorous and exciting, to bland.

If I had been in the board room where your decisions were made, I would have fought against your decisions. It seems like the creators of SU have a great disconnect with SU users. You have made decisions that will do irreparable damage to your brands loyalty. I would have rather have you post adds on the side bar, in order to keep what we have.
I’m sure your repository of searchable sites and SU followers will quickly diminish after you implement your changes. The buzz out here indicates that people are preparing to make their moves from SU.

We are surprised that you have made such an ignorant decision. I have no reason to brag you up any longer. I’m sure you are on your way to becoming a memory. Gone from most favored status to oblivion.

Freestyle Guitar (Solo Guitar Improvization) ~ Crazy Horse Mountain

Crazy Horse Mountain (Solo Guitar) 

Progressive Roots Music ~ Swing Blue

Swing Blue 

Transcendental Magic — Art/Music Video

The Strength of the Vision 

I was studying art in college during the mid sixties.  It was a time of experimental art, psychedelics and Star Trek.  Those were influences that would fuel a young persons desire to be a visionary modern artist.  At that time, it became apparent to me that it will take a computer, like Star Trek, to fulfil my artistic vision.  So… I knew what kind of art I’d be doing, if I lived long enough to see the future.  What the hell does someone do in the mean time?   Well, I kept on studying and honing my artistic skills, both visually and musically.  So here we are forty years later and technology has evolved, beyond imagination.  Now it’s possible for an artist, on a modest budget, to produce music videos at a home/studio.

“Strength of the vision” – Mark Clark, beat poet, friend and author of short stories. 1976

That is an aphorism that I borrowed from Mark.  It still sustains me to this day.

Transcendental Magic is my first attempt at art/music video.  Done without access to the big-ticket resources used by corporate production studios.  It is a compilation of computer graphics (designer tiles) overlaid with an original sound track called “Blue Raga.”

This is just the beginning of an era for independent visionaries on a modest budget.  Our time has arrived.  We can participate creatively in a global market place.

If you got nine minutes to kill… check it out.

Progressive Roots Music—A Wetland Fantacy

This is a little spacey, psychedelic, ambient, new agie kind of thing I did about two decades ago. It was done with my usual freestyle (spontaneous) approach to composing. All parts are done in one take. I can just hear someone saying… “yeaah it really shows maaann.” That’s the nature of freestyle. It’s like “expressionism” in oil painting. Don’t over work it. Just do it and move on. There are plenty of ideas in the well spring.

But, don’t get the wrong idea. I’m also in favor of doing thorough and meticulous production work. It’s just that, we can often stand in the way of creativity and fresh ideas, being to rigid in our attention to perfection.

A Wetland Fantasy 

Progressive Roots Music ~ Blue Raga

Blue Raga