I will NOT make any further posts to SU after the blog application is ended. There will be no joy in it.

You don’t seem to understand that the blog aspect is what excited so many creative users about SU.

SU has been the web’s best tool for social networking. We have many long term connections around the world. The root of these connections comes from our access to the many ways SU users present themselves. This helps us get a sense of a person we may take an interest in socially. I know people who have gotten together with folks they met on SU. This personal connection is what excites us about the postings we make. You are going from being visually vigorous and exciting, to bland.

If I had been in the board room where your decisions were made, I would have fought against your decisions. It seems like the creators of SU have a great disconnect with SU users. You have made decisions that will do irreparable damage to your brands loyalty. I would have rather have you post adds on the side bar, in order to keep what we have.
I’m sure your repository of searchable sites and SU followers will quickly diminish after you implement your changes. The buzz out here indicates that people are preparing to make their moves from SU.

We are surprised that you have made such an ignorant decision. I have no reason to brag you up any longer. I’m sure you are on your way to becoming a memory. Gone from most favored status to oblivion.